• ACE Solar is the selected installer.
  • Very Competitive Prices
  • Five pricing tiers.  As more people sign up, the price goes down.  Tier 5 is very attainable!
  • Options for outright purchase, purchase with Solar Loan, or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)


  • The reimbursement rates decrease for systems connected after May 2018.
  • The preferred pricing ends in mid-August 2018
  • Eversource connection fees go up for systems connected after December 2018


The competition

  • Six solar vendors, respond to the RFP
  • ACE Solar offered excellent equipment at a very favorable price.

Looking to the future

  • Consider if you will want an electric car during the 20-year life of the panels
  • Consider using an air-source hot water heater (saves on electricity, oil or propane)
  • Consider using mini-splits for heating (saves on electricity, oil or propane) and also provides AC


Once you indicate your interest (using the form on the right) ACE Solar will:

  • Contact you immediately
  • Evaluate your site for solar first with satellite photos and then an on-site inspection, to assess shading
  • Examine your current electric usage and take into account planned future needs such as mini-splits or electric vehicles.
  • Generate a detailed proposal.

If you decide to proceed ACE Solar will:

  • Apply for all utility interconnections,
  • File all required permits and obtain inspections,
  • Install your solar system!
  • Install any optional monitoring systems.
  •  Discuss financial options with you


Solar production varies by month.
Average production and usage over the course of a year for the same system.